Fabulous Night In with Lindsey Kelk, Paige Toon & Louise Pentland

September 15, 2017

I haven't written a blog post since 2016 which is shocking!  So I've decided that I'm going to write down my random ramblings a lot more.  I'll be posting about books I've loved, where about's I am on my current projects and any other random stuff I fancy.


Wednesday evening I went to the Fabulous Night In, organised by The Sun.  There we got to hear Lindsey Kelk, Paige Toon and Louise Pentland talk.


To say I had a good time is an understatement!  It was held at Proud in Camden, a really cool venue in one of my favourite areas of London.  I brought my friend Rosie along and we rushed to be there at six thirty, skipping dinner along the way.


The venue was a lot smaller than I imagined.  I really was imagining hundreds of fans, a bit like a concert, but it was wonderfully intimate.  Maybe just one hundred people in the room.  While waiting for them to come on stage I bumped into some blogger friends; Krista Webster (who made me sick jealous telling me about all of the over seas signings she's attending over the next year), Rachel Gilbev (who I found out has just moved to my area - SMALL WORLD) and Emma from Star Crossed Reviews who is a total sweetheart.

Once Krista told us that it was a free bar we downed our entrance prosecco's and went and got wines.  We were totally not drinking before, but...FREE BAR!  I was feeling tipsy immediately as I hadn't had dinner and let's be honest, I'm a total lightweight too.  So we decided to take all of the passing canapes.  I'm normally a right fussy bitch, but I was so hungry I wolfed down the delicious beef in a mini yorkshire pudding with horseradish sauce (My Mum will probably pass out when she hears I ate horseradish!), marinated chicken and yummy risotto balls.  We quickly befriended the serving staff so they came back to us with any extras ;-) 

When they came out I'll admit, I screamed like a crazy fan girl.  Okay, maybe I was a little drunk too.  A lovely editor from Fabulous magazine, whose name I've forgotten, led the questions.  Lindsey seemed a bit shy to begin with, but Louise Pentland, who I haven't read before was HILARIOUS!  Like, she could do stand up kind of funny.  I would LOVE to go out drinking with her, except she's pregnant, and you know, I'm a stranger to her...

 Lindsey had on a gorgeous tulle dress (very sex and the city) and fabulous Louboutin boots that Rosie and I were salivating over.  


We learnt a lot about them, but my favourites were:

Lindsey can write a book in six weeks!! 

Louise told a lady that works in Jewels what happens in her next book to get a 40% discount.

Paige has her own campervan and just bought an impulse kitten on Monday.  

 By the time they'd finished we'd all laughed hard and I was on my second wine.  Giggly Laura had come out to play.


People starting lining up to get their books signed but much like at an airport we stayed sitting, knowing we'd just have to wait for ages.  Us?  Stand longer than necessary?  I don't think so.  Instead we helped ourselves to the cheesecake the servers brought out and got another free wine.  


Rachel, Emma and us had a lovely chat and I thanked the editor from Fabulous magazine for a great evening.  When the line had finally gone down we joined it.  By now I was pretty drunk and worrying that I was going to drunkenly fan girl all over them.


We saw Louise first as she was wanting to head home.  Being pregnant I totally got that.  Luckily I could speak, although they laughed that we had wine with us.  First rule of being a girl; don't leave your drink down.  Louise was so lovely and her assistant was shocked at how camera ready we were for our photo.  She actually said 'wow, that's the best photo of the night.'  We told her they were dealing with professional posers.

 Next was Lindsey, who I was most nervous/excited about meeting.  She was SO lovely and charasmatic.  I said the embaressing 'I love your books!' and then told her I'd been stalking her on Instagram and couldn't believe her light situation.  For those normal people that don't stalk, she couldn't turn her bedside lamp off and the hotel's solution was to duck tape some coasters to it!  She laughed and said it had finally been sorted by two men that called themselves 'Main-Ten-Nance.'  

When we took our photo with her she said 'Say Main-Ten-Nance' which had us giggling like school girls, hence the double chin below.


Last but definitely not least was Paige.  She was so welcoming with a warm smile.  I told her that I'd read and loved Thirteen Weddings, but that I was gutted with the guy she chose at the end.  Probably not the best thing to tell an author, but I'm nothing if not honest.  She then tells me that there is another book coming before Christmas with the same characters, but four months later.  My mouth dropped open and I'm told by Rosie I eventually squelled with excitement after a moment of being speechless.  That's right ladies, me, SPEECHLESS.


Overall, it was a fantastic night.  I'm so glad I treated myself to doing something outside of the writer's cave.  It was just the kind of night I needed to get some fresh inspiration.  That and catching up with Rosie on the roof gardens afterwards.  Only downside?  I looked like this for most of the next day...Mumma can't drink anymore!




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